Every day is somhow unique ...
full of challenges as well as commitments
with an absolute sense for the detail
we work and innovate
online & all the time
Your project always comes first
Your project always comes first

Each of our clients is unique somehow, but they all share a sense of successful vision. Our goal is to make these visions come true, lead projects so that investors can always have a perfect overview of the fulfilment of their goals, and most importantly, give them confidence that our team is always available to them and that the project is managed professionally and properly.


We manage construction and development projects comprehensively from A to Z, i.e. from acquisition to implementation. We use state-of-the-art technology, work in an innovative online environment, optimise and look for the best solutions. We take care of your investment responsibly.

High-End technology
High-End technology

Using drones, we monitor buildings, structures, land and entire areas in 4K quality, including inaccessible places. All these scanned materials then serve as a basis for a detailed analysis of the current state of the project and further work to be carried out.

Technical supervision
of the investor

We use the latest measuring technology and online workflow for technical supervision. We supervise the projects on-site so as not to miss any detail. We carefully document everything. Inaccessible places are monitored from the air using drones. Quality is essential for our clients; we know this fact, and we will never compromise on it.

Experience and a sense of the top quality
Experience and a sense of the top quality

Our company was established by the transformation of I.R.V., which has been operating on the market since 2003. Our client portfolio includes renowned companies such as CPI, SEBRE, TOMA, MAKRO, LIDL and many other investors spanning various sectors, including retail, residential, logistics, hotels and restaurants. In our work, we pay attention to selecting environment-friendly and efficient technologies and natural materials, and we support traditional craft production with a long-term sustainable effect.

Accurate diagnostics
of structures

We have up-to-date measuring technology. All measurement results are transferred online to our project software and evaluated immediately. Their immediate availability and accuracy are a significant advantage in analysing work processes and evaluating the quality of structures (buildings) and their sub-units or details.

Our work is always personal
Our work is always personal

A personal approach to your project is a matter of honour and professionalism for our team. We like keeping things in order, particularly on the construction site and in all the documents, schedules, and finances. Our client is always convinced of the security of their investment and the project's development. We supervise everything personally so that we can always sign our work with a clear conscience.

We do what we know because we enjoy it, and we do it so that you can devote yourself to what you enjoy too.

Michal Musil and the M21M Team

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